Music and influencer marketing #3

Every time you create a business you think you’re going to come up with a groundbreaking idea to solve your potential client issues.

That’s why when we thought In the head of… through, we had in mind to bridge the gap, described in the first piece, between influence and music.

This week I would like to explain why we think we found a relevant solution even though we’re convinced it’s far from being the only one and that there are many other paths to explore.

Why a multi-artist playlist brand?

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to focus on the artist than on the playlist?

That’s the first question that came up.

My time at Deezer helped me answer this one. Indeed, for some time we were advertising a lot physically and digitally using big local/global artists in our ads.

The idea was simple: the more famous the artist, the more efficient the ad. The reality was not that simple.

What I found out when we were releasing the Beatles catalogue on the platform is that even with the most famous band in the world you’ll always have more people not interested than interested.

So if you try to get people to subscribe to your service by using a band (even the biggest one) you’ll loose 50% of your audience or worse.

Same thing was true for influencers introducing directly an artist to their audience. I’m not saying that it won’t work, I’m just saying that you’ll loose at least 50% of your reach.

And that leads us to the money issue. If you’ve already worked on endorsement deals, you know that the longest the exposition the highest the price.

If the influencer’s endorsement gives you access to a part of a social content and their playlist the price cannot be as high as if the social content was dedicated to you only and the influencer pushed a link to your album.

Last but not least, you don’t want to forget that an influencer’s audience trusts him and is very interested in his intimacy.

Where promoting a single artist could sound a bit artificial, promoting his favorite tracks of the moment will not.

Moreover, with the playlist, you have ground to refresh it on a regular basis to really embody the intimacy.

Over the last year our approach proved itself to be relevant and efficient : the playlists have been steadily growing since we begun, the audience is now used to it and comes back for more discovery.

Well, at least when you’ve picked up the right influencer, but that’s a story for next week.

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