Music and influencer marketing #2

I left you cliffhanging last week about the reasons why Music and influencer marketing go together well:

– With more and more influencers recommending a very large range of products and services on their social accounts, Music is maybe the least segmenting topic for them. It is very unlikely that they’d start a bad buzz by playing a song.

– Almost everybody listens to music, your chances to establish connections between your artist and fans from the influencer’s community are very high.

– Influencers are already playing or talking about music in their videos. The lack of connections between both worlds comes from a business model weakness.

– Music recommendation and influencer recommendation both rely on trusting the person recommending. You choose an influencer to work with to get a trustfully messenger to talk to the audience you’re targeting.

So once we’ve acknowledged those facts, we asked ourselves, what kind of strategy we could create to access music conversations on social networks.

The influencer is the corner stone so we needed to focus on him.

That’s when the idea came up.

Let’s create a playlist brand that dives into the influencer musical intimacy.

This playlist will gather all the tracks the influencer recommends to his community and will be shared on a regular basis on his social networks.

We found a name for the playlist brand: In the head of…

Over the past 10 months we created a lot of In the head of playlists, with variable successes.

With the most successful playlists, we managed to organically drive 500 000 unique visitors from social networks to streaming platforms and gather 70 000+ people who subscribed to them.

The growth rate of the playlists leads us to believe that the best days of our adventure are yet to come.

Everyday we gather insights and experience that I’ll be delighted to share with you along the way.

In the meantime you can listen to my own in the head of playlist HERE

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